Henry Motebang

Henry Motebang is the founder and overseer of Jordan House which started on the 10th of October 2010. His heart has been two main things which are: To spread the message of God’s grace to the world and to train people to function in life using the supernatural gifts that God have given each of us. E.g. the gift of prophecy. He is a prophet and teacher who gives both personal and national prophecies that have proven over the years to be of God by being both confirmed and fulfilled.

Henry was born in Maseru in the Kingdom of Lesotho and lives there with his wife Eunice and their daughter Jessica. His wife, Eunice, is a prophet herself who has blessed the church many times with her teachings and personal prophecies that have affected many lives. Both Henry and Eunice are not doom and gloom prophets of judgment but they teach the gospel of peace, the message of reconciliation not that of an angry God. Their prophecies bring life and not death or threats but they reveal the heart of the Heavenly Father towards men.

Who is a prophet? You may be wondering. Henry and Eunice believe that a prophet is one who speaks the mind and heart of God by supernatural revelation consistently and accurately.

“Hearing God’s voice is not enough. You have to become the voice in order to affect other people.”- Kim Clement.

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