Dream: A New Era for France – February 2013 There is going to be a major change that is going to happen in this nation. Many things that have happened and are happening that are hidden are going to be uncovered. The old shall pass away and the new sread more

3 days of unpacking the Gospel of Grace. Come experience New Testament Personal Prophecy and National Prophecies that will impact you life!

Political Parties: DC, BNP, ABC and LCD – February 2013 The Democratic Congress will face crisis; I see sharp disagreement within them and a possible break away by some of them. We must pray for their leadership that God will help them become one inread more

The Scorpion – November 2014 I saw a vision of a scorpion over the nation of Lesotho and I heard, “Watch out for the scorpion!” As I enquired as to what the scorpion is I was given a dream in which I was shown that the scorpion is terrorism. Theread more

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