Dream: Military Power shakes Lesotho – February 2012 In a dream I saw an event that caused conflict in the nation that happened in the past that resulted in death. I saw this event repeating itself; I saw something regarding the military get out of control! It caused a shaking in the nation. I left with […]

Dream:Threat to National Peace in Lesotho – February 2011 In my dream I saw people who were working together bringing conflict that shakes the nation. These people saw themselves as heroes that are liberating Lesotho from some kind of oppression. They brought fear in the nation. But in the end their leader was caught and was […]

Dream: Drought and Famine in Lesotho – March 2010 In a very dramatic dream the Lord showed me a great political upheaval taking place in Lesotho. I saw soldiers with guns shooting and great unrest in the country. Some leaders of government were involved somehow in this whole thing, whether in a positive way or […]

Dream: A New Era for France – February 2013 There is going to be a major change that is going to happen in this nation. Many things that have happened and are happening that are hidden are going to be uncovered. The old shall pass away and the new shall come. I heard the words […]

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