1. Our foundational scripture – Acts 2:42,46. We can see that the early church met in two places; at the temple which was a hall and also in their homes. Why was it important to meet in homes as well? Home church meetings are more personal which means that we can get to know each other properly and help each other properly as well. In large hall meetings such personal relationships cannot happen easily. 

2. In home church meetings we are able to be more established in the teaching of God’s word better because there is opportunity to ask questions and discuss the things of God better. This is true fellowship!

3. We can see in our foundational scripture that it is through these intimate home church meetings that the church grew with singleness of heart. Home church meetings provide an environment where we can truly minister to each other more effectively because we know what each person is going through and therefore even our prayer ministry is more compassionate. 

4. Through home churches we are able to reach out to our community and evangelize more effectively. We can disciple new Christians more effectively because they live in our area and we can monitor them properly.  

A question you need to ask yourself is this,  “Do I want a meaningful Christian life with my fellow Christians?” The church is God’s family. Do you want to enjoy this family life? If so, then make up in your mind today to give these meetings priority and to come ready to grow and to help others grow. See the value in these meetings, be committed and pray for these meetings.

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